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Saturday, May 22, 2010

my best chums in heaven

I always like naming one by one my chumming-up moments with my siblings. That being so, it has gotten me to somewhat blog it.
But wherefore am I saying these things?
My answer is simply because I'm their number one fan.

Though, I'm not accustomed to writing testimonials, I just can't afford to shun writing one for them.

So let's get to know these buddies.

(Warning: A good few secrets may be divulged... hahaha)

Alpha - 22, She's my sole sister and paksiw na isda1 is something she'd rather not eat. She's humble enough to say sorry when she hurts, ( don't let Allan2 affirm to this.) --chuckles-- And crazy enough to laugh when she fluffs. She's incredibly generous and she'll always be the best look-alike of mine.

Chino - 21, he's got the wildest imagination among us. I remember when he was 15, he dreamed to be a black-belter in karate so he could fight off zombies. He eats whatever I cook. He's really good at basketball but don't let him be the coach ever. Please!
He's sensitive enough to understand you.

Kim - 18, he's the most generous person I've ever known in my life.
He's a dreamer. He can be a friend to anybody; he surely is and a brother to us. He plays guitar better than anybody I know. I've never heard him complaining about life except from washing up the dishes. I'm lucky to be his sister.

Rap - 16, He's got a lunatic sense of humor. He's the most nincompoop among us. You'll surely laugh when he cracks a joke but you'll certainly cry and laugh and go crazy when he says his unthinkable words to you, regardless that your boiling point is the lowest of all.
He's really good at basketball too, people his age as well as the older ones admire the way he plays it.
He'll always be the best-youngest chum of mine in heaven.

So I think you have walked into them hehe.

Beware of those youngsters they can get you tricked and conned too. (funny surface)


1 dish which fish is heated with ginger and vinegar and any other spices.

2 Allan : Alpha's boyfriend

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